Desecrating Obscurity


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Antonio Barrote
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Antonio Barrote Fu**ing amazing band!!! Old school death metal! \m/ Favorite track: Obsession for Desecration.
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Red Incredible 2014 old school DM from Italy love it .........\m/
Rosario S. (moonfog)
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Rosario S. (moonfog) Straight from Italy, a pure and strong declaration of love to old Scandinavian Death Metal. One of the best effort, in this field. nowadays. Bravi, bel disco veramente! Favorite track: Darkened Genesis.
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released April 16, 2014

M. - Guitars,bass and vocals
D. - Drums

Recorded,mixed and mastered by :
Ark from A.D.S.R. at Incubus studios between August 2013 and March 2014.

Johan's vocals was recorded in Studio Cave, Fagersta Sweden by Pontus Ekwall 5/3 2014.

Artwork and layout design by César Valladares Fernández
Logo design by A.Th from Black Oath.

Music by M .
Lyrics by D. (except “Obession for Desecration” and “Catabomb Torture”)
Lyrics on “Blessed Shepherd of Decline” by Jericho from Phobic.

Johan Jansson from Interment as guest vocals on “Deranged Baptism” and “Fornicate the Deceased”

Keyboard on “Deranged Baptism” by Arcanus Incubus

*Buried and Forsaken, Obsession for Desecration, Marching on Dead Angels, Catacomb Torture (Mutilator from the Grave) also contained in the first Demo 2013 on tape & cd version by Unholy Domain Recs and Eternal Tombs Recs.



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Track Name: Buried and Forsaken
Forgotten and torn
Clinged at the past
Atonement in wrath and violence
Misery celebration

Forgiveness as revenge
Grows inside you
Terrible suffering
Cleansed by vomit

In a timeless maelstrom
Frenzied and nauseated
The undead cult begins

Shapeless creature
In lifeless rest
In decay and chaos
Drained mind gets no relief

Twisted entrails with cramps
As poison injection
Infected tissue spreads within
Sprawled on puked ground

Signs of life slowly fades
Obscenity revelation
Brain drilled deep
Insane suffering
Sight obfuscation
Nausea reigns
Track Name: Obsession for Desecration
I still see you
with my cock in your hand

I've raped and dismembered you
Divided your eyes with an axe
The sight of your guts
The sight of your guts excites me

My cock gets harder as I taste your white flesh
My cock gets harder as I taste your pink cunt

I cum inside your heart
I vomit inside your heart
The stench of your viscera
Almost eats my brain

I still wanna rape
I still wanna rape your every hole
And I still see you
With my cum on your ass

I like to hear the sound of your skin split up
I grab the shears and put them in your cunt
Track Name: Darkened Genesis
Forced resurrection…back from the past
Buried within memories
Laments and despair,agony
Consuming your existence
False idols…traumatic illusion

The signs of suffering…rooted within the soul
Bless my martyrdom…prophet of infamy
Then your time will be complete

Eyes reflecting pain without end
Weakness prevails
Vile vicarious…remorse will devour you

Awful presence…descended on us
Bringer of pain…introducing age of death

In a world of appearance there’s no truth
Genesis of madness…genesis of sickness

Mass abortion…swallowed by boiling oceans
A worthless devotion
Dejected in malevolence
Sunk in the apotheosis of void
Track Name: Fornicate The Deceased
Under a sombre sky
Plunged in thick fog
The pale moonlight
Lightens the blossomed fruits of suffering

My decayed flesh
Banished in abyssal chill
Rest in the depths of bare ground
On the verge of death
I dwell in anguish…

Fetid remnant,swollen cyanotic entrails
Eaten by metastasis,skin devoured by insects

My face is melted
Coated by pus
Eroded by maggots

Despite I try to masturbate for my last
Visualizing you deceased on the bed
The alive are more dead than us
Because we’re free from anguish

I’ll violate your hopes and desires
Rape your pure thoughts
Slaying your good will

Embodying your plagues
When the anthem of exhumation will resound

Lost and neglected
In unreal dimension
Infatuation is vanished
Damnation arise
Track Name: Catacomb Torture (Mutilator from the grave)
We rise
From the grave

For taking his head
Smash his head

Cut his throat
Rape his sluts
Cut his tongue
Burn his cross

Skin him alive
Burn his corpse
Leave him naked
Spit on his face

Cut his body
Split his eyes

Mutilated from the grave
We're the hands of desecration
Track Name: Marching On Dead Angels
Sealed in a cage of agony
Planning infamous deeds
Consumed by total misery
Waiting for your destiny

Persecutor of blasphemy...redeemer of souls
From a grey sky...burning you fall
In the arms of the dead...your pure flesh
Will be the feast of the beast

Forbidden desire stunned by lust

Pay with life
A false redemption
Gets relief
From endless torture

Deity upon the sky
Awaited for the coming
That will never be
Track Name: Blessed Shepherd of Decline
False glory…festerin' howl
Dark menace…human fall
Sanctification vomits humiliation

Masters of lies
Priests of demise
Martyrium stench
Gloryfication of the...

Despotism of their scripts
Enchantin' holy shit
Dirt celebration of prevarication

Cancer of blood
Blind slaves of god
Carnal concept
Sacred lust…burial of regrets

Primal fear…ancient rains
We are drowned in tears of pain
Word of christ…tongue of lie
Blessed shepherd of decline

Dark age(s) of hate ...sad bloody fate
In the name of god
Purulent,infamous bastard...

...infectin' cruelty dog
Reborn from filthy fog
Created by his empire of lie and shame

Burnin' skies…land of graves
Pile of skulls…holy embrace

Carnage of useless souls
Malignant grown of oath
That rides our life behind a gorge of none
Track Name: The Stench of Blessing
Submerged in crushing hate
Destiny as a sentence of a painful existence
Kingdom of bigotry that see no peace
Crawls the law of the foolish

Lobotomy of sense
Miserable doctrine
Tiranny of the masses

Gold-dressed priest
Invoking war and hate
Blessing soldiers of christ
Servants of insanity
Any respect any mercy

Slaughtering infidels
Under the holy blade

Blood and flesh
Feed the ground

Purifying flames,surrounding panic
Increasing wrath,the day will come
Judge will be judged
Generate seeds of hatred
Track Name: Ascension in Desolation
Black sun eclipsed by nerve gas
Ruins of glorious empires
Eroded by merciless time
Millenary glitz
Fester as dried flesh

Tales of misery and anguish
Disclosed far and wide
Marks the painful hour
For a selfish being
Crushed by itself
Nothing but hate dwells
In forlorn valleys of lament

Bloody rivers flows
Sorrow…sorrowful in pain
Exile…exiled and lost
Scorn…in scorned decay

Plague prophecies
Feared for centuries
Awareness deliverance
Sets the world free

Thousand open graves
icons of sinful lands
No prayer has been heard
And never will

Ascension in desolation
Swallowed by abyss
Track Name: Deranged Baptism
The holy place you yearn for
will be your grave
No sermon will cover painful screams
Of women and children
Hundreds murdered
In the name of the greatest lie

Weak,miserable mind
Holding a puppet-banner
Subjugated by divine commandment
Christian blood,mixed with the saracen's
Same colour,same stench

Agonizing murmur the last prayer
Never will be heard…but the vultures

Feasting of your bowels
Thousands like you
marching proud...swallowed by the abyss
Become an hanged corpse
On the walls of the holy city
Kill an infidel is the way to heaven
God wants it
Your belief…your ruin